SmartThings: SmartWeather Station Tile

Looking for an outdoor temperature device to use with SmartThings? Consider using Wunderground instead.

It is easy to setup. Follow these steps.

Create device in SmartThings IDE

  • Log into the SmartThings IDE
  • Select My Devices
  • Select + New Device button (Upper left side)
  • Enter Name
  • Fill in the Device Network ID with:
    • Wunderground API
  • Select SmartWeather Station Tile from the Type pulldown
  • Version should say Published
  • Hub should be your SmartThings Hub
  • Set Group as desired
  • Select Update

Configure newly created device

  • Select the SmartWeather Station Tile device you just created
  • In the Preferences section, select [edit]
  • Fill in the zipcode field with your zipcode or Wunderground Weather Station ID:
    • pws:KCTBRANF10

Finding your closest Wunderground Weather Station ID:

  • Log into Wunderground
  • Select the search bar at the top and it will display Find closest Station
  • Select Find closest Station
  • Just under the Station Name, select POYCC
  • The station name is in bold next to POYCC
  • NOTE: Use the pws: prefix when putting it in the zipcode field in the above section

alt text