SmartThings: SmartWeather Station Tile

Looking for an outdoor temperature device to use with SmartThings? Consider using Wunderground instead. It is easy to setup. Follow these steps. Create device in SmartThings IDE Log into the SmartThings IDE Select My Devices Select + New Device button (Upper left side) Enter Name Fill in the Device Network ID with: Wunderground API Select SmartWeather Station Tile from the Type pulldown Version should say Published Hub should be your SmartThings Hub Set Group as desired Select Update Configure newly created device Select the SmartWeather Station Tile device you just created In the Preferences section, select [edit] Fill in the zipcode field with your zipcode or Wunderground Weather Station ID: pws:KCTBRANF10 Finding your closest Wunderground Weather Station ID: Log into Wunderground Select the search bar at the top and it will display Find closest Station Select Find closest Station Just under the Station Name, select POYCC The station name is in bold next to POYCC NOTE: Use the pws: prefix when putting it in the zipcode field in the above section »

Moving to AWS

I work for a company that is embracing Cloud via AWS and I wanted a place to play with those services. I was already using Route53 for my site’s DNS, and I purchased my domain through Amazon. So it made sense to start with my own blog. For the past several years I have been using Google Sites to host my blog. I was never happy with the layout, but it was free and integrated into other google offerings. »

Sacred Band of Thebes

SBOT is a small, LGBT, EVE Online corporation modeled after the Ancient Greek troop of select soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC. (source: Wikipedia) If you’d like to join EVE Online as an Omega subscriber use this link: and get an additional 250,000 skill points! »